We make games.

Games that EGaDS! members have developed can be viewed above, and news about the organization follows. You can view the list of current officers on the About page.


Another Newsletter

One, Two! It’s the Newsletter! Tomorrow, in GDC 4.304 at 7, we’re going to be having another splendid Workshop! We’ll be talking about using 3-D modeling in Blender with Unity. This is going... READ MORE

Game Night is Cancelled. :C

Unfortunately, due to the threat of flooding, we’re not going to be having our game night as usual. We’re sorry about this, but we really don’t want anyone getting hurt or stuck trying... READ MORE

Let’s Samba! Newsletter! We have a light week this week, but quantity doesn’t always mean quality. Tomorrow, we have a workshop on the Unreal Engine, hosted by our resident expert, Ron Kinard. Specifically,... READ MORE