Ludum Dare 29!

As mentioned in the newsletter, Ludum Dare 29 is coming up and we are hosting a meet-up for UT students here on campus! This post will serve to gather up information that may be useful to those interested in participating.

What is it?

Ludum Dare is a game jam held three times a year over the Internet. People from all over the world spend the weekend creating games from scratch, sharing their development process, and learning new things about game development.

There are two events in each Ludum Dare:

  • 48-hour Solo Competition – All game content must be made during the jam, all code must be publicly viewable as part of your submission. Only one person make work on the game.
  • 72-hour Jam – More relaxed, happens concurrently, and allows for teams.

For more information, please read the Rules and Guide on the main website.

Where is our meet-up?

While Ludum Dare is normally an over-the-Internet event, we have reserved a room in the CS GDC building for UT students who want to have a social environment to makes games in.

Location: GDC 5.302
Time: Friday April 23 6:00p to Sunday April 25 8p
Event time: 8p to 8p Friday to Monday

All UT students are welcome*, however the GDC is closed to non-CS students during the weekend, and you will not be able to enter without your ID.

*if this changes, I’ll update the post

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